Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Duet 32:2

What an Awesome God we serve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a.Let my teaching fall like rain ; b.And my words descend like Dew ; c.Like Showers on new grass ; d.Like Abundant rain on Tender plants — Deut 32:2
Like Abundant Rain on tender plants , Showers on new grass, Words descend like dew….God sends rain in such tender way that the tender plants don’t get effected but refreshed cause of the showers on them , children love to play in the tender rain , I have witnessed some Africans come out in the rain rejoicing and bring out shampoo and wash their heads …it surely seemed strange for me …but its how different people , animals , plants everything God created rejoices at his tender mercies. Hallelujah !!!!!!!!
Thought for you –> Just imagine how it would be if a huge bucket full of water { relate to the one in water parks 500 gallon bucket that empties from time to time , if you are under it , you would be washed away ….I have experienced it } falls on us , on plants , on animals ? It would hurt us , kill our plants and it would be a major inconvenience , there would be accidents on the roads and would be a total disaster.
So when you read the word , the Bible why do you read in a hurry ? When you are listening to a sermon ( listening to word of God ) why do you want the preacher to hurry up and you looking at your watch several times ? I encourage you to spend some quality time in the Word …PUT YOUR FACE in the BOOK . Let the Word fall like tender rain on your soul and on your heart, let the holy spirit minister to you.